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Harben Green - a new identity

On the eve of our relaunch I sit down with Howard Green our CEO to reflect on the journey and the reason for change.

So Howard, I have to start with the obvious question… why the change in name?

Honestly, the timing feels right. AppointX seems too generic when we do so much more than just appoint a candidate. Our approach is centred around market mapping & talent pipeline. Ultimately we focus on retention, not just recruitment. Our placements stay with our clients longer, they build teams and they add tremendous value.

Over the past two years and particularly the last 8 months we have seen such a period of accelerated growth. We have become trusted recruitment partners to our Clients working with some of the UK’s, market leading Care providers, emerging and progressive operators and the smaller unique, family run organisations.

What do you think makes Harben Green stand out?

It’s simple, it’s our vision and my team’s passion & commitment. We are a market leading agency who specialise in senior management appointments, we understand how our services can transform the performance of a business.

We add long term value working with our Clients to attract, develop and retain some of the sectors top talent and alongside this we guide our Candidates through the recruitment process ensuring a smooth, stress free transition into their new position & the organisation.  

Coupled with a new name, there’s a new website and you’re launching two new divisions.

Indeed, the organic growth through Client demand has been incredible. Through our trusted partnerships we have naturally transitioned into other markets. I think it’s our unique approach which readily transcends across all Senior management appointments. We’ve already enjoyed great success placing Finance Directors, Project & Quality, Marketing and HR Directors, it makes sense to recognise the Client demand and make it official!

The new brand and new website reflects who we are, our vision & our values. It represents our continuous evolution. Our business is human capital, it’s adding value… it’s bringing together exceptional people.

Harben Green, the name…

The new name was instant and unanimous. My boys, Harry and Ben. No matter what I am doing, the boys are always at the forefront of my mind.
It’s their names on the wall, and the future I want to build for them.