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Donating £1 for every sweet. Stand Up To Cancer day.

On Friday 26th October, we joined the fight to Stand Up To Cancer with a classic game of "Guess how many sweets in the jar", donating £1 for every sweet we managed to squeeze into the jar!! 
Spreading the word through our social channels throughout the weekend, we had a great response, some interesting guesses & today found our Winner, Gemma Graves at Advinia Healthcare who was spot on with 95!! 

Saskia, our Marketing Manager commented;

"Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign that brings the UK together to speed up progress in life-saving cancer research. Having lost Grandparents to cancer at a young age, it's a charity close to my heart and we wanted to be able to do something fun & engaging through our social network to raise awareness & funds. Everyone loves an old school guessing game, and what better prize than a jar full of sweets!!"

We're proud to support such a fantastic cause & we've rounded up our donation to £100 to "The research you fund.