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Recruiting long-lasting senior management teams.

Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson asks our Chief Executive Howard Green about Harben Green's market-leading position within the health & social care sector and their continuous evolvement to retain this. 

“By its very nature, recruitment is extremely reactive. CQC requirements state that all homes must have a registered manager, so when an operator loses a Manager the need to recruit is done so with a huge sense of urgency. This can be a rushed process which can lead to wrong hiring decisions being made. With the role of home manager so integral to the success or failure of the home, the wrong hire can have dire consequences for the staff team, the residents, the CQC rating and the commercial performance.”

“At Harben Green we have a unique approach to represent & specialise in the passive candidate market as opposed to the active job seeker. We use a unique headhunting methodology leaving the active job seekers to in-house recruitment teams to source”

“Our philosophy has always been about finding the best person for the job, not just the person who happens to be on the market in the same week that a vacancy becomes live,” said Howard. “It’s this hugely successful approach, that in a crowded market, has enabled us to be at the forefront of executive search & recruitment within the health & social care - older people sector.”

One of Harben Green’s major strengths is their deep sector knowledge of the social care senior management market. Through detailed and extensive market mapping they know every care group, and every key management role from home manager to regional, operations to director level. Their network also spans across finance, marketing & HR managers and directors within the sector.

The team at Harben Green are highly trained specialists who take time to get to know their candidates, their lifestyle & career goals. Howard commented “We want to make sure we know exactly who our candidates are and what their key motivators are when looking for a new role. It’s this level of detail which enables us to match a candidate to the clients' requirements and vice versa from salary & career ambition to location and most importantly shared values & culture.  

Talent pipeline & strategy

Harben Green work across the entire network of Care operators from established national corporates through to boutique operators & stand-alone homes. Howard believes that where he feels the company has added the most value is the mid-sized, expanding operators. “It’s a great sense of achievement working alongside the entrepreneurs & owner-managers to build their senior management teams - from commissioning & ops managers to quality & finance directors. We provide them with the workforce which enables them to grow & expand their business”

Experienced in working with Clients on confidential projects, he said, “Often we are called upon to assist with talent pipeline and strategy to source & replace underperforming Managers without impacting on the daily management of the home.”

Overcoming the challenge of retention

Analysing results of their recent salary survey, Harben Green surveyed 720 care home managers on their database and only 14% classified themselves as an active job seeker, leaving 86% who are open to hearing about the right career opportunity. “This highlights the potency of the passive candidate market where our true strength lies. Our salary survey & subsequent research has highlighted how the people we place tend to stay, enjoying long-lasting careers.

Howard commented, “Managers who enjoy a long-term tenure will develop their teams which in turn increases staff retention, stability within the home and has a great impact on operators bottom line in reducing agency use.”  

“Whilst I recognise the cost element in using a specialist service such as ourselves, the return on investment is huge. We have seen operators who have employed the wrong person and suddenly they’ve lost their permanent teams, the standards of care plummet impacting on CQC ratings and they are really struggling – it can be a very rapid decline which can take a long time to recover from. Getting the right manager is critical to a care homes performance.”

“As true sector specialists, we believe it’s our long-standing clients and candidate partnerships which enable us to provide superior talent acquisition & retention strategies.

At Harben Green we understand how great talent transforms an organisation.

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